corporate social responsibility
Water restriction in calco

Calco identified the model of unit value of ‘litres water saved’ v/s ‘litres water consumed’ by the double strategy of water recycling and rain water harvesting. 

2000 litres of water everyday which otherwise goes waste into non-essentail requirements and 7000 litres of rainfall everyday on an average to be utilised for further purposes. This mode of water conservation has literally given an edge to the way Calco used to operate.

To generate electricity

This being one of the pre-requisites of a plastic manufactuer, we turned tables for ourselves by utilising the efficacies of LED lights and solar power plants.

With the use of LED lights, we were able to save 26,000 kWh year along with 14 tonnes of CO2 in 12 months. That’s about the amount absorbed by 666 trees. Likewise, we are aiming to install a Solar Power Plant and with that, we are projecting to preserve appoximately 240 tonnes of CO2 in a year, which equates to CO2 absorbed 12,000 tress.


Calco is associated with Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India, New Delhi Ekal is a non-profit organization involved in Education and Village Development in Rural Areas and Tribal Villages of India. 

Over the years they’ve expanded their reach to 10+ countries and in India, they’re having 79,233 schools with over 21,50,944 students.