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Mixing: Our chemists are constantly developing new compositions in order to improve the physical properties of the materials still further and facilitate the development of innovations that further enhance the functionality and quality of our products. In so doing, environmental awareness and ecological requirements play an increasingly important role.

Whether monsoon rain or desert sun, our lab is prepared to simulate all the requirements on a sealing system. For each type of material analysis, our laboratory is also equipped at the best.

Development Team:
Our experienced engineers and technicians have excellent knowledge of our industry. Because of their far reaching experience they are able to react flexibly to the changing demands of the market. The engineering team’s high competence and creativity is supported by our corresponding, appropriate hardware and software background. For this reason we are able to guarantee the best possible solutions to our customers.


Quality for CALCO POLY TECHNIK is above all the management of our human capital based on the development of skills and know-how. The company motivates and encourages its people to work together on frames of
reference and standards to achieve results that meet our customer’s expectations.


+ Ensure personal safety by
anticipating risks in product and
+ Comply with regulatory and
legal requirements, non-use of child
labor and forced labor.
+ Satisfy our customers.
+ Develop innovative products
and processes
+ Work together based on our common
frame of reference (Integrated
Management System) and make
continual improvement of our
company’s dynamics.
+ Eliminate wastage and losses
+ Ensure the growth of the Company