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Unfilled Grades

UV Stabilized Homopolymer: Automotive outdoor applications like Instrument cluster housing, etc.,

Properties: Meet outdoor application, these compounds having high modulus.

UV Stabilized Copolymer: Automotive outdoor applications like Mud Guard , Parts where impact is important.

Properties: Meet outdoor application, retains impact even after exposure, and also for the flexible parts.

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Products: Radiator fans, Shroud, Gears, Head lamp, Washing machine inner parts, Molded furniture, Air nozzles, Control housings, Chair base, Electrical switch parts.

Properties: Heat stabilized chemically coupled GF reinforced grades with excellent mechanical/thermal

properties. Offer reduced shrinkage. Show excellent surface finish. Higher heat performance.

Mineral – Talc Reinforced

Products: Wheel cover, Lamp housings, Instrument clusters, Air intake ducts, Radiator crossover supports, Wheel liners / Brackets, A/C ducts, Air bag door covers, Instruments panels, Switch parts / housing.

Properties: Heat stabilized treated talc reinforced with good mechanical/ thermal properties. Good surface finish and stiffness.

Mineral – Calcite Reinforced

Products: Control Housings, Speedometer Housings, Furniture’s, Vacuum cleaner parts, Dummy basket ball boards, Water purifier parts.

Properties: Moderated to good mechanical/thermal properties with smooth surface finish for warp free molding. Higher impact strength

Mineral Mica Reinforced

Products: Ignition plug housings, Automobile air control system dampers / doors

Properties: Heat stabilized treated mica reinforced grades with moderate mechanical properties. Excellent electrical and thermal properties. Offers warpage free molding of large parts.

Flame Retardants(non reinforced) Grades

Products: Battery cases, Battery cover, Switch assembly. Capacitor housing, UPS parts.

Properties: Easy molding and fast cycles. Excellent sealing properties for batteries.

Flame Retardants(Talc Reinforced, Glass Fiber Reinforced) Grades

Products: Switch parts, Automotive fire alarm indicator, Roofing parts, Electrical parts, Capacitor parts.

Properties: Good mechanical and thermal properties, anti dripping , wide range of colors. Stable compound free from corrosion

Specialty Grades(Talc Reinforced, Combination Reinforced) Opaque

Products: Speedometer inner housings, Lamp assemblies. Brilliance parts for textile machines.

Properties: Opaque up to thickness 0.5mm. Available in various shades. warp free easy flow with moderate mechanical properties.

Specialty Grades – High Impact Unfilled

Products: Dash boards, Front bumpers, Fuel lines, Air duct Fan covers, Gills, Sanitary wares.

Properties: High gloss, excellent mechanical properties, very high impact upto no break at 15 J.

Specialty Grades – Reinforced (Combination Filler)

Products: Air cleaners, Air conditioner Ducts / Blower /parts, Dash boards, Front grills, Door panels, Washing machine parts, Refrigerator parts, Package trays, Scuff Plates. Speedometer housing, Cluster, Vacuum cleaner drums, Basket ball boards.

Unfilled Grades

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Mineral – Talc Reinforced

Mineral – Calcite Reinforced

Mineral Mica Reinforced

Flame Retardants Grades - non reinforced

Flame Retardants Grades - Talc Reinforced

Specialty Grades Opaque

Specialty Grades – High Impact Unfilled

Specialty Grades – Reinforced